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At Gracie Grooves we provide fun, high energy and exciting dance classes at preschools and nurseries within West Sussex and Surrey!

We are currently visiting the following childcare settings on a regular basis

* Skylarks Community Preschool, Horsham

*Country Mice Preschool, Cowfold

*Hassocks Happy Feet

*Bolney Under Fives

*Happy Hours Preschool, Crawley

*YMCA Sovereign Preschool, Reigate

*Little Barn Preschool, Oxted

See what they have to say about us.....

We have recently started having Gracie Grooves into the setting, for dance and movement sessions. Grace always arrives promptly, full of character and very welcoming towards the children. Grace is able to capture the attention of the whole room and bring a new excitement to our setting. Grace has given opportunity for our quieter children to explore their voices and movement capabilities all whilst giving clear and age appropriate instructions to the children. It is a pleasure to continue to welcome Grace to the setting.

Lisa Hillier, Country Mice Nursery Manager

Gracie is an absolute Star! She comes to our setting twice a week to do her Gracie grooves sessions with the children. 
And wow, the children LOVE it!
We split them into two groups, (which was Grace’s idea, to ensure each child gets the most out of each session) and as soon as I say “who would like to be in the first group” the children run over saying “I do, I do!” With huge enthusiasm! 

And I can definitely see why as I enjoy the sessions equally as much as they do! 
Gracie is always full of such enthusiasm and energy, she always ensures she adds a range of learning elements into each session and each week it always different! I don’t know how she does it! 

I would highly recommend Gracie Grooves to anyone thinking about using her services and can promise you you won’t regret it!

Rhiannon, Supervisor at Skylarks Community Preschool

If you run a Nursery or Preschool in the area and would LOVE a FREE TRIAL for you children please get in touch! 

We can run....

*Regular Classes

*One-off sessions

*Leaver's or Christmas Parties

*Themed classes

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